PR becomes difficult for a company that has passed its peak in the marketplace and is on a downturn.  Consider GoPro.  A year ago, it was the video camera to have if one is athletic and wanted to record one’s activities.  Now it is struggling to make sales and earnings forecasts. and it is branching out to drones to see if it can reignite growth.  It seems that it mispriced a consumer-level camera introduced earlier in the year, but more than that, the market for athletic cameras might not be as big as the company hoped.  What do you say, what do you do to expand the market?  That is the challenge the company faces.  It has been moving more into video production as a way to support sales, but that clearly isn’t enough.  The PR practitioner is faced with unpleasant choices — flog product that isn’t selling or help develop new markets if they are identified or both.  Either way, the job is more difficult than promoting cameras during their peak sales period.

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