It is a time-honored tactic that when an institution is under public attack, it provides employees with talking points to spread the “good word” about it.  The National Security Agency tried it this past Thanksgiving but not successfully.  The talking points quickly leaked to the online world and scathing denunciations followed.  The NSA is in a difficult position with invasion of privacy and anodyne talking points aren’t going to lessen the heat it is taking.  Maybe, it was trying to make employees feel better as they sat around the dinner table and were pummeled with questions from relatives and friends.  If so, the same employees who spend time online were treated to point by point refutations of what the talking points claimed.  In other words, it was a pathetic attempt at public relations.  Organizations time and again fail to remember that PR is what you do and not what you say.  The NSA is caught in a bind for what it has done.  Words aren’t going to help it much.

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