Public relations deals with perceptions — what people think they know versus the facts of an event or an individual.  Perceptions are often influenced by impressions, particularly first impressions.  It hadn’t occurred to me that wine tasting is perceptual and that tasters are influenced by their first impressions of the cost of a vintage.  That is, the same wine described as less expensive one time and more expensive at another will rate differently with expert tasters. It also hadn’t occurred to me that the same wine presented at the same price point minutes apart also will get different descriptions and rankings.  In other words, even expert tasters don’t know what they are doing and cannot discriminate one wine from another.  This, of course, has upset the wine industry, whose judges believe they can distinguish taste better than the average person.  It also upsets vintners who charge more for some wines than others.  As for the rest of the public, we can be happy with less expensive, good tasting wines while scoffing at self-appointed palates

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