Is the power of perception worth $86 billion+.  Some commentators think so.  Of course, the perception surrounds Facebook and its IPO value.  A chorus of critics think the site is vastly overrated and advertisers won’t find the value in it that is forecast.  But, who knows?  It is unclear at this juncture.  Rather, people are buying on the basis of unsupported belief, a poor basis for investing as experts will tell you.  Chances are they will be disappointed, but if like a miner, they strike gold in the creek, their risk-taking will be handsomely rewarded.  There is as much faith on Wall Street as in a church.  From a PR perspective, it pays to be cautious, and perhaps, cynical.  We’ve seen hysteria before and for the most part, it never ends well.  It is best not to let perception overrule reason.

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