Sometimes PR takes courage in the face of intense criticism.  Consider Chobani Yogurt.  The founder-owner, an immigrant from Turkey, is making it his mission to hire immigrants to work in his factories.  Right-wing commentators accuse him of employing muslim terrorists and endangering the security of the US.  He could bend to their wishes and fire the immigrants he has on staff, but instead, he has doubled down and is working to make the plight of the newly arrived less onerous.  This could cause him a loss of business and put the company into a bind. He clearly understands the potential difficulties he faces, but he continues to work on behalf of immigrants. He trusts that the larger body of the public will support him, and so far, it seems to be doing so. Still, that doesn’t take way from the fortitude he has shown in the face of ugly nativism.  For that, he is a true American.  

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