President Trump announced the nominee for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, on Monday evening and already a multi-million dollar PR brawl has broken out.  Democrats want to gain the votes of three Republicans against the nominee.  Republicans want to gain the votes of three Democrats for the nominee.  In the worst case scenario, Republicans will have to muster all hands to approve him, including Senator John McCain who is fighting brain cancer in Arizona.  The fight promises to be ugly with no holds barred.  Kavanaugh will have to be extremely careful during Senate hearings if he wants to survive.  There is a lack of open-mindedness on both sides of the nomination, which will make persuasion difficult.  Democratic senators will ask loaded questions and attempt to bait him into error.  He will have to use his rhetorical skills to sidestep verbal grenades and continue toward a seat on the Court.  It won’t be pretty but it might make fascinating television.

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