You may have seen already the study and recommendations from Edelman public relations for how to handle content generation.  If not, a discussion and link to the paper is here.  It is a praiseworthy effort on the part of Edelman to distinguish public relations from journalism and to play honestly in the media field.  Praiseworthy but more than likely doomed to failure. Few marketers understand how to do content generation such that consumers will read it and take from it a key message.  Marketers want to sell, sell, sell and they will take shortcuts to move product or services.  If that means masquerading copy as a journalistic product, so be it.  Edelman is a large firm.  It might be able to enforce its standards with its clients.  Internal PR staff reporting to marketing and smaller agencies may find themselves in uncomfortable binds.  I wish Edelman well with its standards.  May the firm set the tone for the entire PR industry.

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