Dr.  Anthony Fauci has publicly taken responsibility for an effective COVID-19 vaccine before the end of 2020.  He is the only public health official with the credibility to take on that burden.  It comes from his reputation for telling the truth and sticking to facts.  Sadly, other authoritative sources have been corrupted by politics seeking to bend evidence for an effective vaccine to come before the Nov. 3 election.  That Fauci has remained above the taint is harrowing PR for him.  President Trump has attacked him publicly for his statements to the media and would get rid of him if he could.  That Trump hasn’t done it is a testimony to the mess he has made of the pandemic response.  Trump continues to make claims but no one seems to be listening.  They are looking toward Dr. Fauci’s word.  It’s yet another case study in what good PR should be about.

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