Tuesday May 28, 2024

Good PR

The hysteria about Ebola patients coming to America for treatment presents an opportunity for public relations.  That is what the chief nurse at Emory University is doing with this article.  She not only counters the concern about the virus getting loose but she skillfully positions Emory on the leading edge of medical centers for such […]

A Visual Reminder And Good PR

NASA releases images of space and of the earth throughout the year as a constant reminder of its activities and of the value they bring to the world.  Some of these images are stunning and are works of art in themselves, but they are also educational.  One can learn from every one of them more about […]

Good Buzz, Bad Buzz

It’s an axiom of public relations that good word of mouth can buoy a product/service and bad buzz can kill it.  It seems the marketing industry is learning the facts all over again in social media.  This time, however, marketers are trying to measure the exact effects of buzz in Twitter, blogs, Facebook, etc.   […]

Won’t Do Much Good

Monster Beverage has issued a report absolving itself of the death of a teenager who imbibed two of its energy drinks.  The company hired a group of doctors who reported no link to the high-caffeine drink and the teen’s heart failure.  That conclusion flies in the face of the Maryland medical examiner’s report and of […]

Good Publicity Gimmick

Here is an attempt to generate publicity that not only works but one can’t help smile.  Donkeys with WiFi in a biblical theme park.  It comes under the “what will they think of next” category.  One can be sure Moses and the prophets did not have the same advantages nor did they foresee a day […]

A Business Case For Good Grammar

This is an interesting case for good grammar in business writing.  It is a pity that professionals often ignore its arguments, particularly when writing e-mail.  This summer I am teaching managers getting MBAs at New York University.  The course is business communications.  One student, a bright fellow, argued with me over the need to worry […]

Good Advice

Associated Press has new guidelines out on social media.  Much of it appears to be good advice and of practical use to PR practitioners.  Among points is the need to make clear that one’s personal opinions do not reflect the opinions of the organization.   AP has several suggestions and cautions for reporters on the […]

Good Luck With That

The ex-CEO of Olympus is now suing the company for $60 million for fraudulent accounting.   He is the fellow who found the discrepancy,  notified the board and was fired for the impertinence of telling the truth.  He tried to return to the company as CEO but was rebuffed by the Japanese directors.   Now […]

Good Publicity

When you have two shrewd players generating publicity, you get stories like this.  The Smithsonian and NASA are adept at sparking articles and with the retirement of the space shuttle, they are milking media interest.  One could ask if the space shuttle rode on top of a 747 in the past, and of course, it […]

Good Enough?

Microsoft is coming out with Office 15 that has significant improvements in features, functions and benefits.  This might be a time to ask whether one really needs it and to wonder what Microsoft can say to get people to trade in their older models of Office.  There comes a time when additions to software outstrip […]