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Tips for Better Listening based on 7 Types of Listeners | Lead Change Group There’s a great stat about how much of communication involves listening. And it’s a higher percentage than you think. Yet we’re never taught about it in professional development of even college. Tweet This Post

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GE Study Proves Consumers Respond More to Shared Content | Digital – Advertising Age Word of Mouth Marketers will simply note this is an online extension of offline word of mouth. Which is just to say that it’s not surprising to see this prove out. But keep in mind, earned may deliver response while paid […]

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Put Your Taproot Into the Independent Web | John Battelle’s Search Blog Zynga and Causes realize what many others know, Facebook’s part of a much larger picture when it comes to social media and the web. Tweet This Post

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McDonald’s Twitter Campaign Goes Horribly Wrong #McDStories When activists use hashtags, it can be very effective. When brands use them, they need to be prepared to have consumers take them in a different direction — even an offbrand, negative and NSFW direction. Marketers Tease Super Bowl Commercials The days of 1984 commercials are long behind […]

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How to Record a Google Hangout Recording a Hangout for consumption elsewhere can be a smart approach to content development. Tweet This Post

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Should PR People Be Able To Edit Otherwise Ignored Wikipedia Pages Of Their Clients To Correct Errors? | Techdirt There’s a middle ground in here somewhere. And I’m hoping we can find it. 3 Metrics that Will Change the Way You Market on Facebook Much like Google Analytics, you need to focus in on the […]

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Fastest-Growing Brands Are ‘Ideal-Driven’ 01/18/2012 This article shows how CSR has evolved. Good business is big business. Tweet This Post

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Social TV Apps Woo Brands | Digiday The proliferation of smartphone and tablet devices is great news for second-screen and social TV services, making it easier than ever for users to interact with digital content as they’re perched in front of their TVs. Letters of Note The content seems to make these more noteworthy than […]

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Toshiba for Good Toshiba’s cause marketing Facebook page asks you to submit a video to get a non-profit charity awarded a $100K technology makeover. The price is right, but getting users to generate content is not always the best way to initiate engagement, imho. Tweet This Post

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5 URL Expanders to Help You Avoid Spammy Links Love these sites and remind me of the preview links. But if you have to use them, you kind of already know the answer? The Top 10 News Organizations That Attract the Most Engagement on Google+ As Google+ gets more integrated with search, along with a […]