When you are a manufacturer of high-performance tires, the last thing you want is for the tires to fail — in races — before millions of spectators. That is just what has been happening to Pirelli.  its tires have been disintegrating and exploding during F1 competition  the largest racing circuit in the world.  Why, no one knows yet, or at least not publicly, but the situation has created a PR crisis for the company.  Why buy a performance tire when you can’t be sure that it will hold up?  People who bolt Pirellis on to their Porsches, Lamborghinis or Ferraris expect the tires to give them a good ride and to last under tough conditions.  They are not likely to count tire shredding during races as inconsequential.  So, what must Pirelli do?  The first task is to stop the explosions.  It can do nothing to repair its reputation as long as tires keep failing. Once it has fixed the problem, it ought let the public know the cause and make sure that none of its consumer tires are affected.  Then, it is a matter of time to win customers back.

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