It is a sad state of affairs when one who tells the truth is subject to jibes that he should be taken out and shot.  That is the rhetoric of authoritarian nations and dictators.  Well, it happened to a former Trump official who said the election was fair.  A Trump attorney made the remarks on television without apology for his venom.  Facts are hard edged things.  Where there is a gray zone, they are subject to opinion.  Where there is no gray, there shouldn’t be argument, but sadly, there often is.  We have had four years of kicking against a wall of facts over numerous issues, all related to the President and his attempts to run the country according to his biases and self-regard.  Voters grew tired of it and got rid of him, except he won’t let go.  He can’t accept the fact he was defeated and so he continues to twist the truth to his benefit.  Nearly everyone does some of that, but not to the extent the White House has gone.  It will be refreshing to have an occupant of the highest office who will respect facts and the truth.

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