Going viral is not a strategy, it’s an outcome. As much as we might wear that t-shirt, it’s not as simple as saying it and moving on with your meeting/client/life.

When people aren’t immersed in social media, viral marketing and word of mouth, that simple sentence is obscured by everything from roller skating babies to World Cup pep rallies. But more importantly, while going viral is an outcome, we’re still trying to get folks to pass content around as if it were a joint at Woodstock.

Sharing by Design
Mike Arauz takes a bigger view of the psychology around communities and collective actions. It involves “empowering people to share, cooperate and organize collective action.” It requires an understanding of our audience and reflecting that throughout the entire project. That idea sounds familiar of course, but there’s more to it in this instance. Check out Mike’s deck on Design for Networks for the rest of the story.

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