FML tombstone
This is not a pizza ad. It’s a question I pondered during a long, 11 hour drive back from my vacation. It’s not intended to be morbid.

Asking, and answering, the question can help you focus on what really matters to you in your personal and your professional life.

And in today’s world of microblogging, status updates and elevator speeches, this exercise is warranted.

Only half-jokingly, I have to wonder how soon we’ll start to see text abbreviations used on a headstone?

It’s not something I’m looking forward to. But it will bring a whole new meaning to OMG. And you know someone would use FML. I’d consider TTYL or an unrelated option: pwnd it.

None of these options will make the final cut. I’m more focused on the question than the above humor may lead you to believe.

Hopefully you’ll consider the question, and your answer, as well.

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