Everyone knows you don’t blog or tweet anything that can come back to bite you.  So, why then was a White House staffer tweeting critical comments about his bosses under an assumed name?  How dumb can that be?  Of course, he was discovered and fired, and he has work to restore his reputation.  What did he expect to happen?  So, once again, for the 10 percent who still don’t understand, never write anything in an e-mail, a blog, a tweet, on a web page, in a comment box or anywhere else on the internet that you don’t want to see in headlines. Never say anything out of order in a video or digital recording.  Always be on guard.   If you think that is paranoia, then so be it.  There is ample evidence to support the boomerang effect.  The internet lulls people into thinking they can express their innermost thoughts freely without retribution.  Time and again they get caught.  Some never learn.  It is a matter of personal discipline to review everything you write, speak or video to make sure it doesn’t compromise you.  If you haven’t been doing that, it is past time to start.

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