One trend that’s taking place as you read this, one with big implications for brands in 2011, is media convergence.

Digital technology is dissolving the silos used to organize media types and media channels. Paid, owned and earned media (POEM) are blending together across channels that are much more fluid and flexible than ever before – once again due to digital technology.

Empower MediaMarketing is tracking media convergence throughout the year and we created this video to kick things off.

Join the Conversation
No Channels is armed with the video, infographic, Flickr Group and articles that underscore how digital technology is dissolving traditional media silos. And we also want to hear from you.

There are plenty of examples – from iPad’s impact on print and broadcast (since launching a scant 9 months ago) to game consoles turning TVs into full-blown media centers.

Which ones stand out as a fad, and which ones are significant?

The site will update frequently with the discussion as we study the trend, curate content, provide our POV, discuss it with you and detail how brands are responding to this media blend trend.

We’ve been discussing this for some time now and I’m looking forward to more. Pete Blackshaw, Brian Solis and Jay Baer are already pointing to 2011 as one of convergence. So check out the site, share the content and weigh in on the trend. We’ll be participating — via any number of screens of course.

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