Tuesday April 16, 2024


NASA has a built-in PR machine — discovery of new phenomena in space.  It just released early results from its Parker satellite, which is close to the sun.  One might think the public would grow weary of hearing news about the universe, but that is not the case.  Each new observation gains press attention, as […]

Was Cash The Problem?

Senator Kamala Harris has dropped out of the Democratic race for the presidential nomination.  Was cash the primary problem as she alleged?  Only partially.  She didn’t have a message that gained voters’ attention.  It is the same problem most of the contestants have.  They are me-too or worse.  They don’t have effective ground games.  They […]


Infrastructure can be a major PR problem when situations happen like this.  EV’s don’t have enough charging stations nationwide.  They need to be as available as gas stations but they aren’t — not yet anyway.  The lack of rechargers can make the difference between purchasing an EV or a hybrid, which doesn’t need them.  Tesla […]

Ripe For Disruption

This is a product ripe for disruption.  Texas Instruments has sold the same graphing calculator to high school students and their teachers for more than 15 years.  It has a lock on the market and lesson plans of math instructors throughout the US.  Essentially it has no competition, and it can afford to charge what it wants […]

Embarrassment Explained

By now, the world knows that during the Tesla presentation of a new pickup truck, the armored windows, which weren’t supposed to smash when hit by an iron ball, did break.  Elon Musk gamely went on with the presentation and the company has counted 200,000 preorders for the vehicle.  It wasn’t enough for Musk, however.  […]


In an extraordinary move, automaker GM has targeted a competitor, FCA, with a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) suit.  GM alleges that FCA bribed the United Auto Workers union officials and union members to keep its labor costs down while forcing GM to pay more.  It’s a crisis for FCA and potentially a reputation problem […]

Cynicism Allowed

President Trump has said he might be willing to testify to the Congressional committee.  Democrats are skeptical and well they should be.  Trump is a president who lies constantly, whenever it benefits him.  He prevaricates so frequently that he has trouble remembering what his last lie was.  The Democrats’ cynicism is justified.  Trump fancies himself […]

Self-made Crisis

Google has a crisis on its hands that it alone has created.  It has gone into partnership with Ascension healthcare to codify and store the large medical chain’s records and the information of millions of patients.  It has apparently failed to tell its own people or the public what it plans to do with all […]


The nation’s largest milk processor has gone bankrupt.  Dairy consumption continues to drop and the company couldn’t hold on.  Clearly advertising and PR haven’t worked.  The question is what to do now?  There are still millions of milk drinkers, and they expect to find the product on supermarket cold cases.  The market might need to […]


When Apple launched its credit card with Goldman Sachs, they didn’t foresee this.  Should they have known that their credit algorithm scores men and women differently?  If not, they do now and they have a black eye, which will take time to heal.  It’s a public relations debacle for the companies and the only answer […]