Senator Kamala Harris has dropped out of the Democratic race for the presidential nomination.  Was cash the primary problem as she alleged?  Only partially.  She didn’t have a message that gained voters’ attention.  It is the same problem most of the contestants have.  They are me-too or worse.  They don’t have effective ground games.  They are scraping for dollars wherever they can get them.  It is as much a PR problem as anything.  They aren’t relating to the public.  They can’t make their voices heard over the noise of  other candidates.  There is no good answer to this.  Advertising can help a little but it is only for awareness.  The voter might know a name but not what it stands for.  Even front-runners are having trouble this year.  Most are looking at Iowa but the state is fluid.  The next six months will tell the tale.  At this time, it is hard to place a bet on who will survive.

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