Tuesday November 28, 2023

Tin Ear

Whoever produced this has a tin ear and no sensitivity to the mass shootings that have occurred throughout the US.  Trump and his administration claim not to know about it, but the negative atmosphere the President has spun about the media is at the root of the video.  Predictably, the media have reacted in horror […]

Tough Decision

Some communications decisions are no-win.  Either way you send a message, you are going to be criticized.  This is the position Apple found itself in with an app being used by Hong Kong protestors.  The mapping software was live-tracking police movements in the territory.  Apple succumbed to pressure from Beijing and pulled the app from […]

Different Mindset

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has a different mindset from other auto executives.  He places technology in his vehicles early on and lets the public try it out, whether it is dangerous or not.  At least, that is what he has done with his autopilot feature that has been the cause of a number […]


With any advance, there comes backlash — people who don’t like an improvement and rail against it.  That is happening now to the new meatless burgers.  Critics are calling them over-processed, full of genetically modified organisms and fake meat.  Of course, they are but they are as good for you as a regular hamburger and […]

It Drags On

The General Motors strike has entered another week with no progress on either side.  The strike has hardly entered the consumer’s consciousness beyond initial reports, and it shows how little impact the UAW has on the economy.  Unions deserve a place in the market as a check on corporate behavior that seeks to maximize shareholder […]

A Huge Job

The government of the Bahamas has a huge multi-level communications challenge for years to come.  The first is maintaining a spotlight on the destruction of Hurricane Dorian.  The second is to lure tourists back to the islands with their money that is an essential part of the country’s budget.  The two challenges are contradictory. Tourists […]

Another One

The retail chain, Forever 21, is bankrupt.  It joins more than 5,000 sites that have shut down in 2019.  Forever 21 is a victim of online commerce, but it is more than that.  The chain made basic mistakes and they caught up with the company.  Marketing for retail establishments is more difficult than ever.  One has […]


Pope Francis would make a good editor.  He recently spoke to the communications arm of the Vatican and told listeners to get rid of adjectives. Use nouns and communicate simply and directly.  His advice would go well in PR where overuse of adjectives and adverbs is chronic.  It is part of flackery that has hurt […]

Nice Story

This is a heartwarming story of how a child of immigrants found a communications job with Tyson Foods.  Her parents came to the US from Laos and from the Hmong people.  They are poultry farmers for Tyson and know farming well.  She interned with the company and fell in love with agricultural communications.  When Tyson […]

Fun Competition

Tesla and Porsche have started a fun competition over whose electric sports car is fastest on the famed Nurburgring road course in Germany. Porsche tested its new Taycan at a blistering fast speed then let the world know it. Tesla, not to be outdone, took two prototype Model S to the track and handily passed […]