Communicators can boast that they have one of the oldest known jobs in the world.  The recent cave paintings found in Indonesia are proof of that.  Why then is the job so difficult?  It seems everyday individuals and organizations suffer from communications breakdowns.  It is as if there is an innate denial of the need to send messages to employees, the public and investors.  The penchant for secrecy is as universal as the need to talk to others.  Businessmen, especially, like to squirrel away nuggets of information they think would allow competitors an advantage, so they don’t inform employees of what is happening in their companies until it is too late.  CEOs who do work hard at communicating see a competitive advantage over time.  One would think they would be a model for other business leaders, but they aren’t.  So communicating is among the oldest professions, but it still is a challenge in the modern day.

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