This article envisions what will happen on the moon in the next 50 years.  It is a dream that might have a smack of reality to it.  We know with 50 years of hindsight that going to the lunar surface is a hard and dangerous task.  Once we get there, the landscape is hostile and unfit for life.  Everything to support humans must be ferried in and resupplied.  To undertake continuous habitation would be an enormously expensive undertaking for any country, nations or corporations.  And, what return is there but research?  Exploiting the resources of the moon requires machinery, large scale installations that must be sent from earth.  That won’t be easy or practical for a long time, if ever.  While it is fun to think about living on the moon, a continuous presence there won’t be achievable for some time.  That makes articles like this space publicity and not PR.

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