There are glimmers of the economy coming back to life and a V-shaped rather than U-shaped recovery.  What it might be is simple exhaustion with sheltering at home for so long.  The public is making up its own mind about the risk for coming down with COVID-19 in spite of scientists and medical cautions.  People want to go to the beach, to the park, to the mall and live life as it was again.  That is a vain delusion, of course.  The disease has not gone away and is still infecting thousands and killing hundreds.  What kind of persuasion is needed to get people to stay at home longer?  It seems it might have to be an infection of someone close to them making the novel coronavirus real again.  For so many, particularly those in low-case states, sickness hasn’t been realized, and citizens are tired of following rules.  This is a difficult time for governors and health executives.  How do you convince the public that the disease can flare again if they stop quarantining too soon?  No one wants to hear that.    

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