As scientists discover more about primitive man and his relatives, they are finding that the urge to communicate through use of visuals and symbols was there from the beginning.  This ability to send messages through use of abstract and realistic figures is one of the hallmarks of homo sapiens. From the beginning there are those who could do it well and those for whom rudimentary scratches on rock walls was all they could muster.  It makes little difference to the paleontologist, and it should be much the same with us.  Clear, concise communication, unadorned  but direct, should be a goal in the modern day as it was with the ancients.  The magnificent cave paintings of Lascaux and Neanderthal scratches both reveal intellect in action that rings down to the present day.  Could our ancestors have known their work would last tens of thousands of years?  Probably not, but it did, and in the survival are vital clues to the origins of man.  Not bad for primitive communication.  

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