Auto manufacturers try to predict the future with concept cars, no matter how rarely they come to production.  It is a silly exercise but for the fact it reaps publicity.  Here is one that is outlandish — a VTOL Cadillac.  It ignores the practicality of transportation, dismisses the need for air regulation to prevent collision and proves no need for such a system.  Yet, here I am writing about it, so General Motors must know something in the publicity realm.  Futurists are rarely correct.  They extrapolate from the present and from developing technologies but they don’t know the path of society and commerce.  That is why futurism is so often wrong.  We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, much less five years from now.  Like some automakers, GM would reap more credible attention if it concentrated on technologies to be introduced in a year or two.  “This feature will be standard in model year X.”  At least it would be believable.  

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