That is the message Mick Mulvaney delivered after a mob stormed the capitol yesterday.  Mulvaney, Trump’s former chief of staff, resigned his post as special U.S. envoy to Northern Ireland.  He was not alone.  Other Trump staffers quit at the same time.  Sometimes situations call for extreme action — removing oneself from a position of power because leaders and events have crossed the pale from injurious to evil.  Mulvaney said Trump was a different person from eight months ago.  But was he?  Historians will examine that for decades to come.  His incitement to riot yesterday morning and his lame attempt to call it off later in the day revealed a man out of touch with reality and consumed with self-regard.  He never should have been voted into office.  But millions heard his message and believed him and millions still support his spurious claim that he won the election.  President-elect Biden will have to deal with this during his term and it won’t be easy.  Trump supporters reject facts and reason.  They are beyond calm persuasion and the only barrier is the law executed firmly and rigorously.  Trump deserves jail or an insane asylum for what he sparked.  He is not likely to get either.  That sends a message in itself.  

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