This story verges on the incredible.  If  true, the hypocrisy of a company is without limit.  The narrative is that Coca-Cola is defending itself against a public interest lawsuit over health claims for its vitaminwater by saying that ““no consumer could reasonably be misled into thinking vitaminwater was a healthy beverage.”  In other words, the company has said that its vitaminwater is a healthy choice in both name and advertising, but it assumes you know it is lying.  How outrageous is that?  Corporations earn bad reputations through bad behavior and situations like this confirm in the minds of activists that businessmen are evil.  That isn’t true, of course, but such incidents make it all the more difficult for the innocent to prove they are without guilt.  Maybe Coca-Cola’s lawyers are at fault for taking a bone-head line of defense.  On the other hand, maybe their logic has been forced by facts.  I.e., vitaminwater is a scam perpetrated by a knowing corporation on a gullible public.  Whatever the truth is, Coca-Cola has put itself in a difficult position in the courtroom and in public opinion.

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