How many times does a public health expert have to repeat the same message before the public listens and obeys?  Dr. Anthony Fauci is finding out.  He has preached about masking, social distancing and hand washing for months and still, millions of Americans refuse to do it.  Hence, the return of COVID-19 with new ferocity.  It should be a lesson to communicators that words themselves do not coerce action.  One can plead, cajole, persuade and get nowhere.  This was the case with smoking.  It required decades to turn the American public around and there are still millions addicted to nicotine.  The virus is new, not quite a year old, but its damage has been more visible in the economy than lighting up.  One would think citizens out of self-interest alone would abide by CDC guidelines.  There needs to be a national mandate enforced locally, but no such thing will come from the present administration.  A pity.  So many people did not have to die and businesses fail.  

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