Coca Cola is killing off a “zombie” brand — the diet drink Tab.  Suddenly, fans have erupted from seeming nowhere and are bemoaning the coming death of the beverage on Dec. 31.  The company could ask where they were while Tab slid into obscurity.  One needs to be aware of nostalgia when making a product shift.  There will always be a crowd who wants things the way they were.  Coca Cola knows this better than just about any other corporation with its disaster of trying to change classic Coke.  Then, there was a nationwide eruption of protests and the company had to stumble back.  It is too early to know if Tab will face the same nostalgic support.  The company should be ready to act if protests become too great. What Coke is doing is basic strategy — focusing on winners and getting rid of losers that suck money without adequate return. But, the nostalgic could care less.  There is the possibility of a PR crisis.

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