One would think a politician who gives interviews regularly would avoid wrecks like this.  Apparently not.  The interview is painful to watch.  The host is deadly in boring in and relentlessly focused on the character of the London Mayor.  Yet, the interviewer doesn’t shout or posture.  He softly asks one killing question after another and the mayor is reduced to a helpless, rambling blob.  The interview is a highlight film for media training.  ”This can happen to you.”   The mystery of the interview is why the Mayor agreed to it.  Was it hubris?  Did he think the interviewer was going to be easy?  Or, did he even bother to research the fellow before he appeared on-air with him?  The mayor will remember him now, and probably never appear with him again — that is, if he remains in politics.  Meanwhile, trainers the world over are copying the interview to show their students.

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