Polls show that the governor of New Jersey has a 70 percent approval rating and a 2-1 lead over his opponent.   If the governor is honest with himself, he will expect that to decline before election day, which is months away.  Citizens are fickle.  They want to know what you have done for me lately.  Moreover, in the celebrity-driven, tell-all environment in which politicians work, one need only make a mistake to lose the popularity that he had.  In New Jersey, we’re keenly aware of the toppling of governors, senators and mayors because of corruption.  So, the governor should enjoy his status for the time being then forget about it.  Publicity will turn against him as the campaign heats up. Critics will come from every point of the compass.  He may still cruise to victory but his popularity won’t be at 70 percent.  That’s the way it should be.

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