True PR features what a company does and not just spin.  This then is true PR.  Tesla has just completed a cross-country trip with its electric vehicles using the lowest charge time recorded to date.  The firm is pushing to get into Guinness World Records.  Is it hype?  Yes, it is that, but it has a serious purpose.  Tesla is attacking the fundamental barrier many have to owning an electric vehicle — range anxiety.  It does no good for the company to talk about total miles per charge if the public can’t translate that into everyday terms.  Crossing the US is more than most of us will do, so Tesla is saying if we can accomplish this, you can get 20 miles a day from home to work and back.  It will take time to win people over to electric cars, and many might never make the leap, but Tesla doesn’t need everyone.  It needs just enough to keep its assembly lines working and profits coming through the door.

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