This is an example of innovative PR that if successful will change the way we travel.  The idea that cars can race by themselves without a driver at speeds approaching 200 mph is revolutionary.  As the article points out, racing will entail passing, strategy and pit stops.  If the vehicles can do all of those things without human intervention, it is a small step to transplanting the technology to the street.  Formula racing already is integrated with sensor technology and engineers gauge hundreds of metrics during competitions.  Replacing the driver is a logical next step but a huge one.  Drivers keep their cars on the edge while circling a track and know where the danger spots are.  A robo-car might not have the same intelligence and could spin out or wreck.  Still, it will be useful and groundbreaking if a field of driverless cars were to line up on a grid and compete.  It will prove that self-driving cars are ready for everyday use.

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