With 1 million downloads made in the first 24 hours of its release, Instagram’s long-awaited Android app has clearly been well-received.

The Android release was a bit of a tidal wave as you can only access the platform via its mobile app or using your app login to use web-based options that tap into the Instagram API.

More users mean more potential for your audience being on the platform. So here’s a quick recap of Instacontent, from here and elsewhere, to help users get their sea legs with an app that’s gotten a serious second-wind. 

Watch How Brands Do: There are a variety of brands with an established Instagram presence. Luxury and beverage brands have quickly taken to the platform, having found a user base. But the media are also using it to give you backstory access around events like the upcoming U.S. Presidential election.

But before you follow everyone’s well-documented lead, ask how this fits into your larger social > online > marketing > business strategy. If it doesn’t roll all the way up, it’s not worth investing time and resources.

Manage Your Feed:, by far, looks to be the best way to manage your feed, track statistics and even organize your photos and the people you follow into lists. It even allows you to message each other users through the site,  gives you promotional tools and promotes contests from other brands and users.

Use Supporting Apps: If you’re taking pics with your phone, you can access a handful of apps to make your images stand out and better represent what you’re trying to communicate. And there’s a lot of Instatips too to help you optimize your use of Instagram.

Back that Pic Up: You’ll want to have a backup copy of your photos, right? Well Google+ app users have it easiest as Google+ can automatically backup your phone’s pics. But there’s also options for Dropbox users and everyone else.

Take It Elsewhere: Some brands are tapping into the API-provided portability of Instgram content. Starbucks streams relevant user pics into its online Coffeehouse. And any user can easily stream their pics into a Tumblr or onto Facebook for non-Instafans to check out their work. And don’t forget sites like Animoto make it easy to turn your pics into a video.

Go Offline: Photowalks are a great way to get a handle on the app and its potential. I’ve organized two of them and they’re fairly simple to execute. If you’re not about socializing in real time, you can still use any number of sites to print your pics in a number of ways. I’ve used CanvasPop forexample and highly recommend it.

It’s Deja Vu All Over Again
With apologies to Yogi Bera, I’m already seeing a lot of Twitter “how-to” content becoming relevant again. From filling out your profile and using an avatar to posting content before following a ton of people — many of those basics apply here (and to Pinterest!). You can even project an Instafeed by user or hashtag, to create a visual back channel at events.

How’s that for a link-laden, to-do list? It’s not even taking into account Instagram-related content I’ve curated on Pinterest and Scoop.It. There’s a lot of opportunity and creativity in this site. If your audience is not on it, you can still use it for your own personal reward.

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