The Murdoch communications empire is caught in a scandal that seems to be never-ending.  Another blow struck yesterday with the resignation of James Murdoch from BSkyB.  From a PR perspective, this is the worst of all possible outcomes.  The company hasn’t had time to catch its breath, to find a point of stability before it is knocked again.  While it is hard to feel sorry for the Murdochs, the way they have handled the phone-hacking scandal is instructive.  It is a case study in how not to confront a crisis.  They have retreated slowly from one defensive line to another, each time suffering embarrassment.  The family has gone from power to a laughingstock.  Some day investigations will end because there will be no one left to indict, but when that time comes, the company will be a shell of its former self.  Some might say that is a sad ending, but maybe not.

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