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Two seemingly unrelated pieces of news help me make a point. The first is above from The Daily Show. Jon Stewart rails on mainstream media for dismissing Rolling Stone for landing the McChrystal interview. 

The American news media finally realized they kind of suck.”

Well the General had an agenda and Rolling Stone got the story. But I enjoy Ricky Van Veen’s observation:

Here’s a journalist covering a comedian covering TV new personalities’ coverage of a journalist covering a subject.

The second story is more of a research factoid. Half of American adults surveyed trust Google more than they trust traditional media. And they trust Twitter and Facebook as much as they trust traditional media.

The research on trust in sources speaks to social media’s impact, but I think the point it makes is the power of curation more than anything else. Twitter and Facebook is saturated with links to other sources. My assumption is that adults trust traditional media, they just get their news first from links pushed over Twitter and Facebook. 

This long post to make a short point is that conventional sources are changing. Are you changing your approach to determining which sources you pitch?! I’ve been hearing a lot about social media experiments. It may sound like semantics, but we should be focused on more strategic test and learn opportunities instead of shiny new experiments. And while this change has impacted traditional media relations, I’m not hearing about media relations experiments, much less test and learn opportunities. Our industry still seems focused on an end game that is increasingly becoming less of an option and more impossible to achieve. /rant

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