A UN panel has concluded that the world is unprepared for global warming.  And, the sky is blue…  One wonders why there is a need  to state the obvious, but, on the other hand, no one is listening.  O yes, we hear the words, “global warming”, but we don’t change behaviors to accommodate it.  We still want beach houses along the edge of the shrinking shore.  We want to water lawns and golf courses when there isn’t enough for agriculture and food production.  We expect government to bail us out despite our increasingly risky way of life.  In other words, the problems we face with global warming are beyond persuasion.  At some point, governments must step in and put a stop to activities we consider personal rights.  That day won’t come soon, and it is likely it will take multiple disasters for us to come to our senses.  Then, we will blame government for not protecting us.  Meanwhile, organizations such as the UN will continue to issue reports.  The studies will go on a shelf and gather dust, forgotten by all except those who wrote them and perhaps, an historian or two.

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