This story is among several criticizing the Obama administration and its governing abilities.  It spotlights again that there is a profound difference between the communications of campaigning and the powers of governing.  Obama is a good speaker — clear, precise and unfortunately, too eager to shift blame to the previous administration.   He has appeared to be a diffident leader at times, especially during the prolonged health care fight.  And, the moves by his political team to bolster Congress seem inept.  There is no way of knowing yet whether these were early errors and whether he can learn his way into an impossible job.  Unfortunately, Presidents don’t get much time to change government.  Usually after four years, opposition has become effective and the second four years pass without major legislation being passed.  This means great campaigners must be ready to be great presidents from the first day and switch both communications gears and processes.  It is a mystery why anyone wants the job.

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