There will be no swift turnaround once the pandemic is under control.  People will not go back to normal.  Rather, until a vaccine is developed and tested, they will wear masks, practice social distancing and refuse to shake hands without gloves on.  That is why economists see a steep climb out of the hole in which the country has fallen.  That is also why a key message of communicators for months to come is patience.  Patience to see the end of furloughs.  Patience to see the end of joblessness.  Patience to feel relief from debt and looming bills that cannot be paid.  But, Americans are not by nature patient.  There will be turmoil and anger that things are not moving fast enough. CEOs and politicians will feel the heat and some will lose their jobs.  There is only so much persuasive messaging can do.  When it rubs against raw feelings of frustration, it is not heard and can be turned back on itself.  It is only when circumstances have changed that people look back and reflect.  That doesn’t help now.

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