President Obama has talked with the Dalai Lama.  China is incensed.  After all, China owns Tibet fair and square after invading it.  The only ones who have protested this perception are Tibetans who foolishly think they have a right to their country.  The Chinese government, if it wanted to make the point, could say the US appointment of a special coordinator for Tibetan affairs is as silly as if the British had appointed a special coordinator for American Indian tribes in the 19th Century.  Based on its history, America should say little about Tibet’s situation, but our perception was that of manifest destiny.  The United States had to extend from East to West to become the nation it is.  Native tribes and  Mexicans were impediments.  The Han people of China base their perception on kingdoms that existed for thousands of years.  Their right is that of ancient conquest.  Who is right and who is wrong?  History belongs to victors.  As China continues to move its people into Tibet, the former nation will become a memory.  Tibetans will become a minority.  Eventually China hopes we will forget the present and the perception will change.

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