Robert Mueller has been a relentless investigator of Russian meddling in US elections and held in high respect.  Now, with one act, the perception has turned to that of a man out of control.  This stems from the seizure of thousands of transition team e-mails from the GSA.  Such correspondence is not considered part of a government agency and was supposed to be destroyed.  Mueller discovered that it was still intact and hauled it in.  There now is a worry that any potentially prosecutable offenses might be thrown out due to tainted evidence.  Mueller would defend himself by saying he was just doing his job.  But, one can over-reach, especially in the law.  There is great danger in the power of prosecutors.  They can wreck lives in their zeal and have.  Mueller is close to being reckless, as the author of the article says.  He has maintained positive PR until now.  It would be unfortunate if he loses it through his own actions.

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