Now that Mitt Romney is “restored as a front runner” and it is on to the next election cycle, it is time for a question.  Was he ever behind?  Politics is the craft of perception, and the media saw Romney in a death-struggle in Michigan.  The polls seemed to show that, so news stories heightened the race.  Michigan’s election results, of course, were not a dead heat, not like Iowa, which was a squeaker.  The whole nomination race is one of spin — up spin, down spin, cross spin.  No wonder voters are confused.  The media love the horse race and live for it.  Every four years post-election, editors take an oath to concentrate on issues the next time and not the race, but every four years they fall off the wagon in drunken pursuit of who’s in and who’s out.   No wonder campaign jockeys feel they can manipulate reporters because reporters want that next story.  It is futile to call for change.  It won’t happen.  Rather one does the best one can to size up a candidate amid the phony furor.  It is an atmosphere in which true PR is impossible to achieve.

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