Do people pay attention to what a CEO posts on a blog?  Yes, they do.  Tim Cook’s blog entry for employees at Apple sparked media discussion.  The journalist’s story projected the messages farther than the original target.  And, it lent additional credibility to the posting by affirming what the CEO wrote.  Often, CEOs feel they don’t have time or interest in feeding back to employees through blogging or tweeting.  They would rather do a town hall or other live session, but it is difficult to arrange those on a regular basis.  Social media can serve well in the interim.  Why don’t more CEOs blog or tweet?  It was not built into their routines as they rose in management.  They are not used to it and don’t see the value.  The more that immediate communication moves into social media, the greater the need for CEOs to adapt.  Secondary communication will never take precedence over primary but it has a power of its own that savvy CEOs should be exploiting.

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