Here is a PR and marketing challenge — stopping a freefall of users leaving a web site.  It is the predicament that MySpace is facing with the loss of 10 million users in one month.  This is a situation in which there is little that one can do except to hope the site reaches a base of users from which to build again.  Clearly something is wrong with the offering and whatever that is needs to be changed.  The irony is that MySpace was hugely popular for a time, but it apparently cannot stand up to new competition Imitating competitors might not be enough.  Who needs duplicated content?   Imagine that you are the CEO of the site.  What would you do?  If you were the head of communications, what advice would you give to the CEO?  This is a case that shows the limits of communication.  It is too soon to give up the fight, but options narrow as more users leave and advertisers go with them.  

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