It is odd PR to deliver a strange threat like this.  Britain is the country that will be savaged with a no-deal Brexit, yet the UK is blaming the EU for failing to negotiate a better deal.  That’s chutzpah.  It’s equivalent to the old joke of the fellow who pleaded with a judge for mercy after killing his parents because he was an orphan.  Boris Johnson, the new prime minister, is by all accounts, a blow-hard.  He is the one saying a no-deal Brexit is likely.  The UK could have hardly chosen a worse leader at this moment.  And, should he wreck the economy with an off-the-cliff departure, what will it take for Britain to recover?  Already the country has lost its position as a financial capital of the EU.  Auto companies are shutting plants.  Businesses are moving their base of operations to the continent.  None of this seems to matter to him.  It’s my way or I’ll cut my throat.

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