PR deals with perception.  How some one or an organization is viewed is a preoccupation of counselors.  Leaders too are aware of what others think.  They know that many have false perceptions of them for the good and some for the bad.  They try to instill the correct perceptions so they can get things done.  The present Pope is a leader who understands the power of perception. His actions of behalf of the poor since he was elected have made world headlines and energized the faithful.  His current visit to Brazil has sent the country into a tizzy.  The Pope knows that his prominence gives him a pulpit to teach the world lessons on morality.  Hence, he is visiting a slum while in the country and he is taking up the cause of the poor in his remarks.  He will get listeners at all levels of society, but it is too early to know whether this will result in action — better housing, better utilities, health care, nutrition.  The Pope was known in Argentina before his election for espousing the needs of the poverty-stricken.  His actions now have global significance, of which is he well aware.    

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