This article posits that Joe Biden is only running against himself and not the other 22+ candidates for President in the Democratic party.  But, it is too soon to declare him the front-runner.  There are an innumerable series of PR and publicity gaffes that can occur before the first primaries in 2020.  Biden has been involved in many of them through his career as a politician.  He was looked upon as a joke, and he still must apologize for his excessive touching and hugging of both genders.  At this stage of the race, it pays to run scared and work unceasingly. There is never enough time to be better known, even if a former vice president.  Biden might be husbanding his energy because he is no longer young, but that could well work against him if the electorate decides it needs a vibrant candidate.  There are so many ways to fail that one should ask why would anyone want to be President.  Not only is it a tough job, it is miserable trying to get elected for it.

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