This story raises a point that is difficult for PR. How do you deal with uncertainty?  PR’s messages should convey a direction, a stance toward the world, but when the environment shifts constantly, it becomes difficult to say anything.  It is as if one is in a football game that suddenly becomes basketball.  There is dislocation, inability to know what to do, difficulty adapting.  The military might be right about the shortage of oil, or it could be wrong.  There is no way of knowing at this point, so how does one plan for that?  How does one message for that?  If we are honest with ourselves, we should admit that a great deal of communications occurs in an elusive world, one in which temporal messaging may become inoperative too quickly and in which meta-messaging may not be enough.  The art of managing is to find a course through conflicting courses.  The art of communications is to express management’s view persuasively.

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