It is a difficult PR and reputation situation when a successor is undercut by a former boss.  That is what is happening in Germany.  Angela Merkel, the chancellor, has apparently decided that her chosen subordinate is not up to the job of running the Christian Democratic Union.  The CDU has stumbled since Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer took over from Merkel last December.  There was a failed power grab and a botched national election.  Now, Merkel is faced with political difficulty all around and she can’t depend on her chosen one.  So,what are she and AKK to do?  It is too late to try a turnaround although Merkel has apparently decided to remain in office for her full term.  The upshot is a mess for everyone concerned.  The two are fated to live uncomfortably side by side and only when Merkel steps down will the situation be resolved.

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