Tiger Woods announced his re-emergence to professional golf then just as quickly withdrew from the first tournament he was to play in 14 months.  He said he realized he was not ready, and he needed time to work on his game.  Woods is 40 and doesn’t have many more competitive years left.  His skills fell apart when his body did.  He has had both knee and back surgeries and it was painfully obvious before he left golf that his magic was gone.  This created a PR problem for fans and the game.  TV viewership declined and no one rose from the ranks to take his place.  The sport has become ever more competitive with golfers trading places at the top, but no one staying for long.  The dominance that Woods had over the golf is gone and might never return.  The sport needs a Palmer, Nicholas or Woods to differentiate itself.  It needs a personality that looms over all and creates excitement on the links.  The game will idle until another one comes along.  It might wait a long time.

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