Hillary Clinton has been running as a woman of the people, a friend of common citizens standing up against nabobs of Wall Street.  While this is good spin, it isn’t true according to a zip code analysis of her campaign contributions.  It shows that she is raising funds from the 30 wealthiest zip codes in the country.  There is nothing wrong with that.  One goes where the money is, but it belies her campaign themes.  Imagine if her fund raising was spread more widely with smaller donations coming in from across the 50 states.  She would have plenty to boast about.  Instead, the fund raising effort appears to be kept apart from the campaign trail. In not so bygone days before election laws, a few wealthy sponsors would put up the cash a candidate needed.  Money was not an issue because few knew or talked about where it came from.  Now with financial reporting, there is opportunity for public interest and opposition research to delve into campaign funding and to parse contributions.  And, that is exactly what they are doing.

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